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I'm Mario, a Spanish videographer, passionate about deep experiences and new discoveries.

Currently travelling in Asia, my goal is to get involved in dynamic artistic projects,

incorporating that lifestyle to keep meeting inspireful people, and support my expansion.

Since 13, going overseas, I've always loved the feel of curiosity around new stories. 

From struggling home at the age of 15, flying by myself to study in Ireland, it completely changed my perspective and opened a new way of feeling by discovering, by breathing complete freedom. I felt amazed by all the little stumulus of a new culture.

I could breath and feel mindful, fulfilled just watching the people pass in the city, by seeing the river under the sky flow.

Finishing the International Baccalaureate among the National one, I saw myself from a good kid having good marks at the school to a person that could move forward because of the huge effort and time implied.


Finishing the studies challenge, going to California made me feel like I could do anything in life, socially, emotionally... There were no limits if you where opened to every  situation.

While finishing Physics University, I was tutoring an Entrepreneurship program of Uni students leaded by the Santander bank.

Once finished the studies and working as a programmer, I still wanted to discover, and got a tourist visa to Australia, opened to start my journey exploring. Very soon I found myself moved to Bali. There I was filming with an 8 year old camera, making personal videos, and as soon as some of the managers of  some of the biggest  event venues in Ubud saw my work,

I got the opportunity to work filming events and started my life as a videographer.

From then, I've worked from different venues, events, festivals. 

From few hundreds of people to tenths of thousands.

I've worked from a local tourism Newspaper in Australia to the Australian Government. 

Made a few documentaries with different sizes. 

And currently learning about music producing and using special effects to make the experience the more vivid as possible.

 Skill &Technical 

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I'm specialised on capturing life events, and emotions or to create parallel stories from present experiences.

I film with a Sony a6500 and two lenses, cropped to 75 mm and 30mm.

A Crane Gimbal and a DJI Mavic 2 pro

Software: Adobe Premiere & After effects / Magic Bullet (Colour grading)